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Bose Ceiling Speakers: A Review of the Virtually Invisible 791 In-Ceiling Speakers

Bose Ceiling Speakers: A Review of the Virtually Invisible 791 In Ceiling Speakers

There is only one group of Bose ceiling speakers: the Virtually Invisible 791 In Ceiling Speakers. The title is well known because of its superb quality, and also this pair of ceiling speakers undoubtedly upholds the trustworthiness of the organization. This is an in depth review of the item.

drop ceiling speaker mount

General Information

As in-ceiling speakers, these are superb units which could generate highquality sound. The device's brief level can simply stay without inconvenience into the threshold. Each piece furthermore weighs 4.73 pounds each, so they really are very easy to construct. And that means you won't be worried about them falling from above they also do not fit much fat to the threshold.

The sole disadvantage that any buyer would find within this unit is the fact that it really is extremely expensive. For your quality, you'dnot mind considerably if it costs as much as it will, but also for buyers who are tight using their budgets or who believe that you'll find units which do not cost much but have good effectiveness, then this is not an extremely ideal model for them.

The package of these devices includes the two speakers, two speaker grilles, as well as a design or paint shield. If you prefer to paint the frame of the speakers while in the same shade as your limit, the paint guard acts like a defender for that speaker. The correctly rounded speakers could mix discreetly to the threshold, and you can generate the most beautiful audio from it. If you've got visitors, you can talk about the excellent audio system that you've, where they are currently originating from as well as your visitors won't actually know. These speakers save a lot of space as well as develop great noise within the entire area of any space.


This group of Bose ceiling speakers feature many trademark Bose qualities that can just be included in products. The Stereo Everywhere speaker performance element was created to make a stereo audio even over a wide region, unlike other mainstream property speakers that only send audio within a course. Each speaker features a 7" woofer while in the program which produces further and smoother low notes for intense musical wealth and a more stunning sound-effect. Each speaker also has two strategically placed tweeters which get rid of where you want to direct the noise the must location the speakers. This allows the noise of the speakers to resonate throughout the region, rather than in a single direction only.


This set of speakers is totally simple to construct. The offer comes with four hold screws that completely match the speakers to easier correct them to the threshold. Additionally, it has an infinite baffle style which wants no enclosure, since the threshold itself becomes the enclosure of the speakers. However, these speakers' use is limited and then drywall, plaster, or gypsum board ceilings. Adding them is virtually difficult, and so they also are n't designed for in wall building since they are virtually 5" deep, which can't fit in a typical wall degree of 4".


This original group of Bose ceiling speakers is actually a perfect addition to your residence entertainment system. If you prefer a couple of speakers that can save a great deal of exceptional music creation, residence area, and good quality performance, the Virtually Invisible 791 In Ceiling Speakers are what I highly recommend.

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