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Introduction to Fly Fishing the River Lagoon

I began fly fishing at concerning the era of 13 with my grandfather's fly rod, primarily for bluegills and bass while in the several freshwater wetlands I came across growing up near Satellite Beach, Florida, and extended for some time after going to Titusville, primarily at Fox Lake. My pole was a 5 wt. freshwater rod, not really made for the seatrout and redfish of the Indian River Lagoon program, though I did manage a few seatrout in some places using tiny streamers designed for freshwater range along with other species of trout generally related to coldwater upper and mountain streams.

 Gary's Tackle Box

{ In reality no different synthetic I think mimics our summer communities of Glass Minnows, or Bay Anchovies, really like a light-colored streamer. Plus they are generally smaller in proportions that artificials, that may not merely attract moves from more skeptical fish, but a larger selection of species could be found too. With the same NO 6 "Crazy Charley" design I've found fish Seatrout to Pinfish. Not that I actually get excited about finding the pinfish, but if I have the ability to get a legal size Mangrove Snapper while fishing for Seatrout or Redfish, I am not going to protest.


To start with, with saltwater fly fishing you will be throwing bigger, more wind-resistant flies than you would using a freshwater trout rod. Consequently you will be using a greater stronger fly rod putting a more heavy line. In fly fishing, unlike spinning, it's the weight of the line that bears to appeal throughout the cast, not the lure carrying the point. Let's discover what you will need to get started fly fishing the Indian River Lagoon with that said.|Firstly, with saltwater fly fishing you will cast larger, more wind resistant flies than you'd with a freshwater trout rod. Thus you'll use a bigger fly rod that is stronger organizing a more heavy line. In fly fishing, unlike spinning, it is the line that holds to lure through the cast's weight, not the appeal carrying the point.

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