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Vanar io is a room based shooter video game, you take control of a round spaceship gear up with weapons and a guard generator as well as fight versus various other gamers. One of the coolest aspects of Vanar is the area physics, if you improve one instructions you won't stop till you boost a various direction, a lot like the results of absolutely no gravity.

The game is as simple as it is enjoyable to play, you shoot other ships whilst preventing damage on your own, ensure to utilize your shield whenever combating nevertheless or you'll find you die really promptly! There are asteroids populated around however driving with them doesn't appear to harm you neither does shooting them appear to award you which I found a little odd. An crucial point to keep in mind is that you do not have boundless ammo, well you do however it takes time to reload after around 20 shots so try not to fire aimlessly and conserve your bullets for various other gamers.

With your spaceship you can only improve onward by making use of W nevertheless you can utilize A and D to guide left/right as well as enhance various other directions. Area bar is used to fire your tool and also shift is utilized for your guard.( The shield is possibly the most vital to keep in mind!).

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