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In the course of EA's E3 press conference, we learned that Mass Effect 3 will support voice control and will allow you to select call options or roar battle commands. However, probably only on the Xbox 360.
Mass Effect 3 - Language control only on Xbox 360

Regardless of how well the implementation works and the players will arrive, the possibility to control parts of Mass Effect 3 also by language is an interesting concept. However, due to the appropriate peripherals, only the Xbox 360 version will benefit from this feature.

Compared to the gaming site Kotaku, executive producer Casey Hudson explained that Kinect not only serves as a better microphone, but also the whole computing power. This makes working with the speech control much easier. As a simple microphone is not enough, the PC and PlayStation look rather old.

However, at least for PCler, there is still hope, because recently, Microsoft has released official Kinect drivers for Windows. So at least this gaming platform has basically the same - if not more - technical possibilities like the Xbox 360. The feature in all versions, should be correspondingly only a small hurdle. Times from that modern computers should be able to apply the computing power for the speech recognition loosely - even with a normal microphone. Hudson did not comment against Kotaku unfortunately for the Kinect support for Windows.

BioWare's Sci-Fi RPG shooter Mass Effect 3 will be released on March 8th and will be released for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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