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At 2:48pm on May 3, 2007, Endless said…
Hey Kristin will you marry me? LOL
good luck with that lasik
At 12:11pm on May 8, 2007, Logan Elizabeth Smith said…
Kristin, your my absolute favorite.
At 9:02am on May 12, 2007, Hannah said…
Hey Kristin!
You know I love you right? Well, that's why I'm here and I just wanted to tell you that you were the only reason I watched Laguna Beach before. Now it's totally annoying and so is "The Hills" with Lauren. Oh, and by the way, how are things between you guys?

I hope to see more of you on TV. You're the best.

Love ya. <3

At 8:59am on May 13, 2007, sasolaguna said…
hey kris!! hope that lasik will work out fine for you and don't forget all about us back here in laguna!!!
At 8:59am on May 13, 2007, sasolaguna said…
hey kris!! hope that lasik will work out fine for you and don't forget all about us back here in laguna!!!
At 9:05pm on May 18, 2007, Ryan Lake said…
I love you kristin.. you are so amazing and so very beautiful and i love you so much
ryan lake
At 10:49am on May 20, 2007, shawn williamson said…
I love you Kris. Send me a message.
At 2:07pm on May 24, 2007, Katherine K said…
This is pretty awesome.
At 12:00pm on May 25, 2007, carlene said…
you are soo pretty kristin! you were awesome on laguna beach!
At 12:59pm on May 25, 2007, Thomas said…

Drop Dead Gorgeous!
At 1:20pm on May 26, 2007, ALove said…
Hey kristin! You're my all time favorite famous person. I think you seem to be such an awesome person, confident, and gorgeous. I look up to you a lot, comment me back!:) And are any of the myspaces or anything really you?
At 9:50pm on May 27, 2007, Ryan Lake said…
hey kristin
you are awesome and i wish you well with the lasik thing it will only make those beautiful brown eyes even more beautiful you are amazing and i love you! do you have a profile on myspace/facebook? there are so many fakes out there and i want to find the REAL kristin i love you sweetheart and you can send me your myspace in a priv message
At 8:20am on May 28, 2007, Agata said…
I love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At 3:26pm on May 28, 2007, miranda hawkins said…
Kristen you seem like a really cool and fun person, who also stays true to her friends. Keep cool!
At 8:43am on May 31, 2007, Kylee Mc said…
i just have so many questions for you
i was just wondering if you still kept
in close touch with alex , jessica, stephen and all the rest of the crew?
and what are you up to now? i read somewhere you were doing the whole modeling and acting thing.
i love you girl!
your so beautiful!
you should really be on tv again.
im tired of LC.
love ya!
message me pleasee :]
At 9:12am on June 1, 2007, kalena parker said…
I adore you... me and my friends used to watch you all the time... i luv you your confidence... i admire that you dont need a boyfriend to make you happy.... i like that you never follow you always lead... im so xcited that you have al this fam you deserve it... one queation though.... what happened to all you laguna friends?? do you still hang out with ne of them??? oh I NEVER LIKED JESSICA!!!! lol
At 7:06pm on June 1, 2007, Jon Asher said…
Kristin Whats Shakinnnn!

I know your not together anymore, but I was hanging out in Scottsdale with Brody the other day.. Hes kind of a tool to be honest. He was going from girl to girl, it was ridiculious.

Anyways I'm happy to be apart of your fan club, I think what MTV has started for you is amazing, and you need to roll with it.

Much love

Jon Asher
At 10:45pm on June 18, 2007, Cleo said…
Here I am wondering if these messages are actually read by the celeb they're intended for, instead of most (re: all) the other similar sites, eheh. If so, yayness, if not, well ...

Oh yeah, wasn't I supposed to be doing Japanese homework? >> CERI STOP PROCRASTINATING!! *hits self* owie ;_;
At 4:12am on June 26, 2007, sandra bill said…
i love you girl !!!!!!!!!
At 10:37pm on July 1, 2007, David Castle said…
Hey there, Kristin--Nice website! I just wanted to let you know that you're Reality Lasik website has motivated me to get a "touch-up" on the Lasik I had a few years back. And oh ya, congratulations on your new 20/15 super-vision!

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